shelters & family centers


Family Centers

Family centers are 24/7 facilities that provide shelter for moms, dads, and children at night, and resources for housing, employment, and wellness each day. Local service providers join us on site to make it easy for our families to get the services they need.

North Seattle

Houses 100 family members. The building, a former bank building, is on loan from the City of Seattle.

White Center

A home for now for 70 family members. The building, a former public health facility, is on loan from King County.


This former sheriff's office on loan from King County provides 80 beds for moms, dads, and kids.


Our first permanent home, this former hospital is home for 185 family members and our Popsicle Place program, providing a safe place to stay with medical support for families experiencing homelessness with critically-ill children.


Night Shelters


A former restaurant, this building provides night shelter for 40 mothers and children each night.

Julia’s Place

Julia’s Place is a permanent facility located at Madrona Grace Church that provides night shelter for five families (moms, dads, and children).

Emergency Family Shelter

EFS is an emergency night shelter for up to 48 women and children in a former storefront in Belltown.

Family Diversion Center Shelter

Our newest location on Aurora Ave in the South Lake Union neighborhood is a rapid exit shelter for up to 50 family members. Families staying here have a housing resource and are working with our diversion specialists to move into permanent housing within 30 days.


outreach request

Mary’s Place Outreach Request form is designed to assist families who are experiencing unsheltered homelessness in King County. Outreach requests help families get connected to services.