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Become a Mary's Place Partner Landlord

We believe that to succeed in life, everyone needs a place to call home. 97% of families experiencing homelessness will only be homeless this one time. Like many of us who are living close to the financial edge, a bump in the road–an illness or injury, a sick child, a job loss, or a divorce without a safety net can cause homelessness. For these families, an opportunity to rent a home of their own would be a life-changing opportunity!

Mary’s Place works with approximately 200 families experiencing homelessness every day. Each family that comes to Mary's Place is immediately assigned a Housing Specialist who works with them to identify and address barriers to housing. Our families are ready to begin again; they only need a place to call home.


Mary’s Place Housing Services program includes:

  • Landlord Mitigation Fund

  • Mary's Place Housing Locator is an advocate for the landlord and is your partner in reducing risk and maximizing the return on your investment

  • Mary's Place Housing Stabilization Specialist works with the tenant family to connect them with resources to provide rental assistance, eviction prevention, and a support network

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Mary’s Place supports landlords and families


We understand the importance of reducing the risks in order to maximize the success of a property. Here’s how we can help:

  • Individuals will be pre-screened

  • Fast replacement of tenants when a vacancy occurs

  • Assistance with move-in costs and deposits

  • Regular home visits or phone calls

  • Available damage mitigation fund

  • Landlord Hotline with a 24-hour guaranteed response return time

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Becoming a Mary's Place Partner Landlord

Are you willing to rent to a family in a housing crisis who may have previously experienced a setback due to an unforeseen situation such as an illness or a sick family member, divorce, or unemployment? Email for more information!