outreach request


Want to make an outreach request?

Mary’s Place Outreach Request form is designed to assist families who are experiencing unsheltered homelessness in King County get connected with shelter and housing services. The information you provide will help us to understand the need so that outreach teams can be dispatched, as necessary. 

For medical or mental health emergencies, please call 911. For crime or illegal activity, please contact your local law enforcement agency. This is not a place for reporting unauthorized encampments. If you are interested in reporting an unauthorized encampment, please contact your City or County for more information.

When should I submit an outreach request?

Did you see a family experiencing unsheltered homelessness who appears to need help? Notice a family who seems to be sleeping in their car or struggling with meeting their basic needs? Then you may be able to help them by filling out the outreach request form and letting us know about specific concerns you may have regarding the family’s well-being. As Mary’s Place outreach capacity is limited, requests for those with more serious medical and/or other safety needs may be prioritized.

When should I NOT submit an outreach request?

The Mary’s Place Outreach Team is only able to work with families who are experiencing unsheltered homelessness. Unfortunately, the team is not able to serve individuals who are couch surfing, temporarily living with friends or family, at risk of homelessness, facing eviction, or already staying in a shelter. If you know of a family in need that is not eligible for outreach services, encourage them to call 2-1-1. If you are concerned about illegal activity, contact your local law enforcement agency. For medical and mental health emergencies, call 911.

What do outreach workers do?

Outreach workers have many different skills including homeless services navigation, motivational interviewing, and trauma informed care, among others. Outreach teams start by building a trusting relationship with and determining the needs of families living in places that are not meant for human habitation. Their efforts can be as simple as helping someone experiencing homelessness get an ID card or as complex as helping someone flee a violent relationship. The ultimate goal of Mary's Place outreach services is to help families who are experiencing homeless move from the streets into a permanent home.

When do Mary’s Place outreach teams work?

They usually work during daylight hours to maximize safety and because this allows our outreach team to connect families that are experiencing homelessness to resources and other critical services like health and mental health services, employment services, and school. Daytime hours also allow outreach workers to assist families with housing navigation.

Can I get an update on what happened?

We will send an email letting you know we received your request. We are required by law to protect the privacy of those we serve, therefore, we are unable to share updates. However, if you agree to be contacted, we may reach out to you to ask additional questions that will help us locate and connect with the family referred. If you are willing to provide additional support to the family you are referring, please indicate your interest on the form.

How else can I help my neighbors experiencing homelessness?

Ending homelessness requires the participation of the full community. Volunteering and donating to organizations serving people experiencing homelessness is a great way to help. Please visit the “Get Involved” section of our website or contact other local homeless service organizations for further information on volunteering and/or donating towards ending homelessness.