we love our angels in blue!

The other day we got this touching email from a police officer: Hello, hope you can help. On Saturday night I drove a woman and her two daughters and son to Mary's Place. They had been kicked out of the place they were staying and were literally homeless with no money. The staff at Mary's Place was absolutely amazing - pleasant, helpful and courteous and that was just with me. With the woman and her children, the staff were simply Godsends - they came out and welcomed her and her kids, helped them carry bags and were warm and caring from the first second. I was truly impressed with what you have going there. In my line of work as a police officer, I hate to admit that I’m a little jaded and rarely feel "sorry" for people anymore, but I felt bad for this woman and those kids.

Anyway, before I get too far off track, I hit it off with Michael, her son, and I told him when I dropped them off that I would get him some handcuffs since he played with mine during the time I was with them. The woman also said that her kids love ihop, so I want to give them a gift certificate for $50 so that she can take the kids to ihop.

This set of days off has been a nightmare with my own school and overtime assignments, but I plan to get to ihop and Party City on next week to pick this stuff up. Can you let them know I’ll be there on Tuesday?

This family has moved to Alaska where the mother has family members they are living with while she gets back on her feet. We love our Angels in Blue!

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