thank you, JJ!

Long-time Mary's Place Board chair, JJ McKay, has recently assumed a new role of Immediate Past Chair for the organization. He was more than the Board chair at Mary's Place - he's a passionate advocate, an amazing relationship builder, a whip-smart strategist, and a loving mentor for our staff, women, and families. He has helped shape Mary's Place into the organization it is today, and set us on a path to achieving our BIG dreams of tomorrow!

JJ joined the Board in 2009 ensured that we could grow our programs and services each year. He helped us find, and move into and out of 18 different homes! Since joining the Mary's Place Board, he has:

  • grown our budget from nearly $400,000 in 2009, to today's $11,000,000

  • grown our staff from seven people in 2009, to over 200 full and part time employees who run our Day Center and ten family shelters today

  • grown our capacity to bring families inside from our start in 2009 to 650 beds today, and 425,103 bed nights

  • helped us to provide 1,077,531 meals since he joined the Board

  • brought many helping hands to serve our women and families resulting in 263,601 volunteer hours since 2009

JJ has initiated and advocated for programs that lift up, inspire, help, and heal our women and families. Under his leadership Mary's Place was able to offer:

  • jail ministry for women who knew they would be homeless when released

  • Bacon and Bling, a much-anticipated event at the Day Center where each woman gets a delicious BLT sandwich and a piece of costume jewellery, in honor of his late mother. Held every Valentines Day to remind the women at our Day Center that they are valued, loved, and not forgotten.

  • Rest beds that he advocated and fundraised for, knowing women that were victims of rape and assault, needing chemo or dialysis or just out of surgery had no place to recover and heal

  • the annual Holly Jolly Holiday celebration and Santa Store that he started, to bring joy to children and relief to parents needing holiday gifts for their children

  • our first housing program, to provide hotel vouchers to families when we didn't have shelter beds and he knew we had to act

  • Taylor's Fund, named for a cherished friend at the Day Center, to ensure women who passed without means for a proper memorial could have one

  • bus tickets, when our women were struggling to get to and from the doctor, employment, and shelter

  • a successful No Child Sleeps Outside fundraising campaign - and he worked relentlessly to bring us to our goal

  • and so much more!

He is our big brother, our friend, our neighbor, our super hero. Thank you, JJ, we can't wait to see what's next!