paying it forward

Solomon Muche shared the inspirational story of his journey through homelessness to being accepted at the University of Washington last fall with our audience at the Annual Spring Luncheon. Now happily settled in at the UW, we were excited to learn that Solomon was one of three students selected to present his research at the 2015 Emerging Researchers National (ERN) Conference in STEM in Washington DC in February (he also received a full scholarship for the trip)! We are so proud of Solomon. Especially because he continues to come back to Mary’s Place to volunteer and share hope with other families and young students. On New Year's Eve, home for winter break, Solomon visited Mary's Place to talk to our middle and high school students about college, to answer their questions, and to encourage them to dream big!

Solomon's message was one of hope and opportunity. He shared how he lived in the shelter for a year but it gave him his greatest opportunities. He learned to share his story and ask for help. He learned not to be ashamed of his homeless and how that actually helped him get into college - he wrote about it in his essays. While at Mary's Place, he was able to attend summer camp, got an internship at the Museum of Flight, and attended SAT prep classes, paid for by Mary's Place.

The kids asked him lots of questions about how to apply and pay for college, what it's like there, and how to stay positive. An amazing discussion and an amazing young man!

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