Nycolle's stay at Popsicle Place

Nycolle is a single mother, taking care of three medically fragile children. Her oldest, Jossiah, is eight and struggles with severe ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and learning disabilities. Her middle child, Karlah, was born with heart, lung, and kidney issues. She had heart surgery when she was a baby and takes medications and treatments each night to keep her lungs from collapsing. She is connected to a machine for treatment every 24 hours. The baby, Krystoffer, is almost three and has a permanent feeding tube, his medications must be kept refrigerated. Nycolle is not able to work and take care of all three children’s very demanding medical needs; she and her family receive government assistance.

The family had an apartment that Nycolle could afford on her fixed income until she discovered black mold that had Karlah in and out of the hospital with breathing problems. With immune compromised children, Nycolle needed to find a new place to live quickly. She wasn’t able to find a place she could afford so the family moved into their car before coming to Mary's Place and our Popsicle Place program.

At Popsicle Place, families get nutritious meals, supportive care coordination, and access to Mary's Place medical staff and volunteers in private rooms to limit exposure. Since its inception in 2016, Popsicle Place has been home to 30 families.

“If it weren’t for Popsicle Place, Karlah would have continued to be in and out of the hospital,” said Nycolle. “Being at Mary's Place gave me peace of mind, knowing we had electricity for Karlah’s treatments and refrigeration for Krystoffer’s medications. It let me focus on keeping them well!”

Last month, Nycolle, Jossiah, Karlah, and Krystoffer found a large, 3-bedroom house with a yard in Spokane that was very affordable and they are safely and happily moved. Nycolle transferred to a community college in Spokane where she is continuing work on a nursing degree. The generosity of our community makes programs like Popsicle Place possible, thank you for your support!