our awesome volunteers!

In celebration of National Volunteer Week we want to share some stories of our AWESOME volunteers, like Wim! Here's what Wim says about his volunteer experience!

From the time I walk in the door at Mary’s Place I can feel the warm welcome, the smiles from behind the counter, the giggly little kids. Caring is a culture that spreads from staff to guests to me every time I come to volunteer. When I walk around the building chatting with guests they seem relaxed and at home. Yet, when I sit with them to talk, they are eager to get on with their lives, to find a place of their own to live and, for those who are not working, to find the job that will open the door to the rest of their lives. I suppose every volunteer feels like what they do brings the deepest satisfaction. It ought to be that way. For me, helping guests find that home of their own, or the job that will turn things around is the best of all. I’m not sure I always bring hope to them, but I know they always bring hope and a smile to me.

Thank you, Wim!!

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