announcing Taylor's fund

Taylor’s Fund was established in 2014 in memory of our sister, Taylor, who fought terminal cancer with grace and dignity, and provides end of life care for our women. Taylor was an active and beloved member of Mary's Place for over a decade. She came and began doing what she does best - cooking! Taylor never worked from a recipe, but created wonderful meals from her heart. She served hundreds of thousands of meals at Mary’s Place, and trained other women to cook alongside her. She never let her illness keep her from giving back to her family at Mary’s Place and you could find her in the Mary’s Place kitchen nearly every day cooking up some special treats for the women and children. Your contribution to Taylor's Fund pays for end of life care and, remembering how much Taylor loved it when we brought her peaches in final days, Taylor’s Fund provides comfort food and other items to our terminally ill women. Many of our state’s homeless who have no next of kin are buried unceremoniously with other unclaimed souls. Taylor’s Fund ensures that our women receive a loving and respectful burial.

Taylor ---- Take a pinch of laughter Add a dash of leadership Two handfuls of generosity And heaping pile of love Don't forget the double pinch of independence! Stir daily with creativity Serve with loyalty and compassion