Congregation Makes-a-Home for a Mary's Place Family

The transition out of homelessness is made even more gratifying when you have the furniture and essentials to feel at home. This past weekend, Jasmine Sims and her family were gifted by Risen Hope Church with everything they would need to start fresh in their new apartment through Mary’s Place “Make-a-Home” program. The Make-a-Home program connects volunteer groups with families who need help turning a new apartment into a “forever home”!

“... I went through plenty of obstacles when it came to finding permanent housing due to the mistakes I made in the past, which stays on my background and credit history...I was sleeping in my car, going from hotel to hotel and shelters without complaining and staying humble. When I found out about Mary’s Place, everything changed. There are so many resources that help families who are homeless, they’ve taught me so much about pushing through and never giving up... My home is now complete. We are so thankful for everything you guys have helped us with, thank you, Mary’s Place!” - Jasmine Sims

Do you have a group who can help a family be successful in their new home? Get more information about the Make-a-Home program here, or contact us at