Shelter in the Storm

When the snowy weather brought Seattle to a stand still, Mary’s Place sprung into action with help from trusted partners Starbucks, Vulcan Inc., Wellspring Family Services, United Way of King County, and the City of Seattle Government.

To meet the challenge of temperatures that hit as low as 22 degrees, the team opened an extreme weather temporary family shelter on Dexter Avenue. The message spread across the city: no family will be turned away! The extreme weather shelter remained open for ten days, during which time 32 people, including 20 children had a safe, warm place to be, hot, nourishing meals to eat, and toys to play with! A woman in her last weeks of pregnancy and a special needs child were among our guests who came in from the cold. Across all of Mary’s Place shelter locations, bursting to the seams, 17 new families, including 35 children, were welcomed inside. No family was turned away!

When the emergency passed and the shelter closed, all families were re-located to other Mary’s Place locations and are now taking advantage of services, including employment, housing, health, and fun in Kids Club! What an amazing experience, we are so proud to see how our community came together to bring everyone inside, out of the snow and freezing temperatures! So much love and shared commitment to saving lives. Thank you, all!