Thank you for making it possible to bring families and children inside!

Raising kids is rewarding and expensive. Milk and snacks, school supplies and new shoes, clothes and coats, camp, childcare, medicine…it adds up. And we have 400 of them here at Mary's Place!

There have been some significant contributions to the issue of homelessness this year. We’re encouraged by this progress and grateful that our community is focused on vulnerable families and children. We are hopeful that those initiatives will start a national movement to bring every child inside.

Here at home, we still rely on individual donors like you make ends meet…to keep the lights and heat on, the doors open, and food on the table for the families that need our help.

We took on some extra expenses this year. Thanks to a generous lead donor, we opened a permanent home in Burien and brought 200 moms, dads, and kids inside to a warm, safe bed. That makes a total of eight emergency family shelters and just over 550 beds!

We added a mobile outreach team to help those we don’t have room for, families sleeping in cars and tents. We added a stability team to work with our newly-housed families to make sure they are successful. Our innovative programs are working, and our work is incredibly cost effective. It costs just an average of $1,900 for our outreach team to help a family back into housing!

Our goal is ambitious–to bring all children inside. We can’t just stand by and not stretch to meet the need. But we can’t do alone. It will take all of us, and we are so thankful for your support!

Your support is truly changing lives and we are grateful!

Linda Mitchell