No Child Sleeps Outside campaign

On November 15, we launched our annual No Child Sleeps Outside campaign with a goal to raise $2 million dollars before the end of the year. This year, we have a unique opportunity to raise money to convert an empty office building into an emergency family shelter in downtown Seattle.

The goal is ambitious because the need is great - no one’s child should have to sleep outside! Donations raised during the campaign will enable us to renovate, open, and operate this shelter; helping 900 families move from tents and cars into housing over the next three years!  

With your help, we can open this much needed shelter in early 2019. The new location will operate as a Rapid Exit shelter, an innovative program that provides resources and support to families experiencing homelessness who need short-term assistance with moving and housing.

Your donation of any amount is life changing:
• $17 allows us to bring a child inside to warmth and safety for a night
• $109 enables us to provide healthy and filling meals for a child for a month
• $266 pays for 7 parents to get a copy of their birth certificate, required for families to move into housing
• $500 allows us to relocate a domestic violence survivor family to a safe location
• $1000 provides 50 moms and dads with license renewal fees and work permits to gain full-time employment

There are hundreds of families outside, in the cold and wet, who need our help.

While 2018 has been the busiest year yet, the impact of your contributions has been monumental: • 394 families moved into permanent housing • 175, 286 bed nights were provided at seven family shelters• 296,731 meals served• 1,460 employment services offered• 1,137 children welcomed!

Please consider building on this momentum by making a Donation, becoming a “No Child Sleeps Outside” Fundraiser, or attending one of our fun fundraising events!

We count on our community to stand with the families we serve. We are so grateful for your support of this simple and powerful concept: No one’s child should sleep outside. 

Mary's Place