“I may have had a home, but I had cancer and I felt helpless and hopeless. Coming to Mary’s Place gave me hope. That is why I am so thankful and why I keep coming back.”

Darla came to Mary’s Place after she had been undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer.  She had a friend who used to work for Mary’s.  Her friend told her how supportive the women were and that it was a place you could share your worries and talk to other women going through hard times.  Darla was finishing her degree to become a medical assistant and doing her externship at Harborview when she got her cancer diagnosis.  She was not homeless; she came to Mary’s for companionship.  

Darla couldn’t work when she was having chemo and radiation, but she did have enough energy to visit Mary’s Place.  There is a quiet room where she could rest but still know she wasn’t alone.  She also learned that Bastyr University had people come to Mary’s Place to help the women with medical needs.  Darla was eager to try some holistic approaches to boosting her immune system and quickly started working with the visiting naturopaths from Bastyr.  Darla also liked sharing in the group meetings.  
“I love Pastor Linda and Marty.  I just think there are so many uplifting things here.  We’re all women.  We all have issues.  Some may struggle with drugs or alcohol, others are homeless and lonely but we all find people to talk to at Mary’s Place.” 


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