Become a Mary's Place Partner Landlord

We believe that to succeed in life, everyone needs a place to call home. Ninety-seven percent of homeless families will only be homeless this one time. Like many of us who are living close to the financial edge, a bump in the road–an illness or injury, a sick child, a job loss, or a divorce without a safety net can cause homelessness. For these families, an opportunity to rent a home of their own would be a life-changing opportunity.

Mary’s Place works with approximately 200 families experiencing homelessness each day. Each family that comes to Mary’s Place is immediately assigned a Housing Specialist who works with them to identify and address barriers to housing. Our families are ready to begin again; they only need a place to call home.

We want to partner with landlords to provide access to affordable units for our families and ensure their tenancy is successful. Let’s begin a partnership to address our community crisis of family homelessness!

Mary’s Place Housing Services program includes:

  • “Good Tenant Class” training and certification
  • Mary’s Place Housing Locator is an advocate for the landlord and is your partner in reducing risk and maximizing the return on your investment
  • Mary’s Place Housing Stabilization Specialist works with the tenant family to connect them with resources to provide rental assistance, eviction prevention, and a support network
  • Landlord Mitigation Fund is available to reimburse landlords for financial losses due to damages that are incurred by renting to a Mary’s Place recommended family

Mary’s Place supports landlords and families

We understand the importance of reducing the risks in order to maximize the success of a property. Here’s how we can help:

  • Individuals will be pre-screened
  • Fast replacement of tenants when a vacancy occurs
  • Assistance with move-in costs and deposits
  • Regular home visits or phone calls
  • Available damage mitigation fund
  • Landlord Hotline with a 24-hour guaranteed response return time

Becoming a Mary’s Place Partner Landlord

  • Keep us informed about your available housing units–even if you don’t have vacancies at the moment.
  • Set aside units for Mary’s Place families and notify us when you have or expect openings.
  • Be upfront about your screening criteria and be flexible whenever possible. We will work with you and the families housed in the unit to promote good rental relationships and housing stability.

Are you willing to rent to a family in a housing crisis who may have previously experienced a setback due to an unforeseen situation such as an illness or a sick family member, divorce, or unemployment? Email for more information!