Rosie & Paco

Mary’s Place is helping me find a job and makes sure my son gets to the preschool he adores. I don’t know what I would do without them.

Rosie and her six brothers and sisters were dropped off at an orphanage in New York in the late 1960’s. Her family was from Puerto Rico and her parents could no longer afford to take care of their children. She and one of her sisters were adopted by a couple in Seattle and raised here.

Throughout her life she has been a victim of domestic violence. She began running away when she was fourteen. She has three grown children and Paco. She and Paco have been homeless off and on since he was four months old.

When she made it to Mary’s Place she was welcomed and immediately started to feel less depressed and scared. They have helped her find shelters that will take her and Paco each night. Mary’s Place also makes sure that her son gets to the preschool that he adores. Today Rosie is looking for work in retail and hopes to find a job and housing so she can stay with her son. She says, “I will stay focused and not give up. Moms need to be strong.”

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