Mary’s Place has always been there for me. The women there celebrated my accomplishments and held my hand during my failures.

Monica has survived things most of us could never imagine. She has been raped, beaten and left for dead more than once. She has woken up in some of Seattle’s most dangerous alleys, and spent days on life support. For 27 years Monica battled drug addiction and homelessness. “I was slowly committing suicide every day.”

A straight-A student in high school, Monica had plans to go to Yale University. Her parent’s sudden split when she was a teen changed her plans in an instant. With no skills to handle her depression, Monica lost her self-confidence and put her dreams on hold.

A little over a year ago, Monica walked into Mary’s Place. At first she didn’t want to socialize with the other woman or participate in activities. Mary’s Place’s director, Marty, didn’t give up on her. She knew that if Monica started to feel connected to other woman she would see she had a life worth fighting for. She started with things as simple as knitting. “Mary’s Place helped me see the life I had been missing for 27 years.”

Monica entered a recovery program and got help for her depression. “Mary’s Place was always there for me. The women there would celebrate my accomplishments and held my hand during my failures.” Today Monica has a new goal to attend college and get a great job.

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