Seattle is a kind city. And perhaps the kindest place in this city is Mary’s Place. They saved us.

Beth came to Mary’s Place a little over a year ago. She had left a life of 20 years of drugs and crime in Southern California, and was determined to start fresh in Seattle with her partner. “We started by camping and I could convince myself that it was temporary. When it became clear that we needed some help, we came to Mary’s Place.”

Not only was Beth homeless, her health was getting worse. She is diabetic and was unable to monitor her blood sugar. She saw the nurse as soon as she came to Mary’s Place, and within days she was getting her diabetes under control. “Mary’s Place saved us.”

Immediately Beth realized that Mary’s Place could offer her a fresh start, and she jumped into volunteering and making friends. “We never felt sorry for ourselves. We had to leave the drug world and Mary’s Place didn’t judge our past. They just were supportive.”

It didn’t take long for Beth to find housing with the help of Mary’s Place and the REACH program. “We got lucky the day we walked into Mary’s Place, and I will never forget it.”

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