Community Resources

  • Angeline’s Center for Women

    At YWCA Angeline’s Women’s Center, the danger, uncertainty and indignity of living on the streets are replaced by safety, support and respect.

    The homeless women who come to Angeline’s Day Center can enjoy meals in the dining room, leave their belongings in large lockers, care for their personal hygiene in showers and bathrooms, and clean their clothes in the laundry rooms. They can take refuge from the cold, talk to counselors, get medical treatment, or simply sit and rest.

    Angeline’s opened its doors in 1987 and moved to its permanent home on the ground floor of YWCA Opportunity Place in 2004.

    In the winter months, overnight shelter is offered to women 18-years and older. In addition, the Enhanced Night Program helps women who are ready for the transition to stable housing.

  • Compass Housing Alliance

  • Noel House

    Noel House Programs provides safe, comfortable shelter to a diverse community of homeless women, particularly those most vulnerable. We strive to create an environment of dignity, respect and compassion. We recognize the intrinsic value of each person and honor her unique experience.

    Since its inception in 1990, Noel House Programs has offered nightly shelter to single women experiencing homelessness. Over the years, Noel House Programs has grown to include a variety of services, including referrals to 15 emergency shelters, nightly meal service, and case management at the main Noel House shelter. In total, Noel House Programs assists 72 women with nightly shelter, 20 women with permanent housing and 180 women with nightly emergency shelter referrals.

  • Orion Center

    YouthCare builds confidence and self-sufficiency for homeless youth by providing a continuum of care that includes outreach, basic services, emergency shelter, housing, counseling, education, and employment training.

    For 40 years, YouthCare has been a leader in providing effective services to Seattle’s homeless youth. In 1974, a group of concerned citizens started a three-bed shelter for homeless and runaway youth, the first in the Western United States. Since then, we have grown to become a community-based agency with six sites serving the greater Seattle area. During that time, we have led the way in creating effective, innovative programs for homeless young people:


    SHARE/WHEEL, is the combined advocacy efforts of the Seattle Housing and Resource Effort (SHARE) and the Women’s Housing Equality and Enhancement League (WHEEL). They have operated tent cities in the City of Seattle and other local cities in cooperation with the faith-based community.

  • The Sophia Way

    The Sophia Way, located in downtown Bellevue, Washington, is a shelter for homeless adult women in King County. We offer the tools, guidance, and housing that homeless women need to make sustainable changes in their lives. Supported by the community and local municipalities, we are serving those women who were falling through the cracks of the social services programs.

    We believe in the necessity of shelter and safe living conditions for all persons. Our goal is to address this fundamental need of citizens of our community and improve the quality of life of adult homeless women. We believe in the equality of all, cherishing diversity, and treating each person we meet—client, volunteer, donor, staff—with the same respect, dignity, and care.

    We are committed to providing every woman with the opportunity to live independently and move into permanent housing. The Sophia Way is partnering with the community to achieve the shared goal of ending homelessness as part of King County’s ten year plan.

  • Urban Rest Stop

    The Urban Rest Stop provides a clean, safe and welcoming facility where individuals and families can come and use restrooms, shower and laundry facilities. All services are provided at no cost to patrons.

  • Women’s Wellness Center

    The Women’s Wellness Center provides hygiene and wellness services for adult women who are homeless in downtown Seattle. All services and products are free. They include showers, laundry, first aid and resources. The center is small, but peaceful. We play calming music and keep our space as stress free as possible. We are able to accommodate individual needs for physical or emotional disabilities.