Connecting Passions

September 23, 2015

When Pamela Hayden introduced EMC Vice President for Global Services Gordon Winters to Mary’s Place late last year, he was hooked. Here’s a video he created about Mary’s Place to share with his friends, employees, and anyone who will watch!

The first weekend of October, Gordon will be hiking approximately six miles and 6,700 feet up Mount Adams, to support Mary’s Place. The reason for doing this, he calls Connecting Passions. Gordon is passionate about helping others, his work at EMC where he has been leading success and working with and for amazing people for 16 years, and hiking! He loves hitting the trails (rain or shine) when he has the free time.

EMC is a company that has chosen to “Make it Real” when it comes to supporting their local communities, by encouraging each employee to take three days off in the pursuit of helping others.

Gordon will use three days connecting his passions – raising funds for Mary’s Place, while getting outdoors for a hike. He wonders… How are you connecting your passions?

If you would like to support Gordon’s hike, and help raise money for Mary’s Place, click here and select Gordon’s Connecting Passions!