A big loss for Mary’s Place – Margo the Cargo Van

Margo photos
August 11, 2015

UPDATE!!! After Alison Grande at KIRO TV ran a story about Margo last night we received 20 donations – one was a $10,000 gift from an individual hero, and one was a $25,000 gift from the Employees Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound! We are so grateful to all who contributed!! Margo will be back soon!

We were so fond of her and so grateful for the help she provided Mary’s Place that we gave her an affectionate name, Margo the Cargo Van. Sadly, the insurance company has just given us the bad news that Margo is totaled – and ours no more.

In the year or so that we had her, we came to depend on Margo to bring food to our shelters, pick up milk for the children, move families into their forever homes, and so much more.

Margo caught fire at Mary’s Place in July – our best guess is that a firework accidentally rolled underneath the van and went off. We hoped she could be repaired, but she was declared a total loss.

Margo came to us from Campbell Nelson, who generously donated her in the form of a two-year lease after we won an online voting contest last summer. Campbell Nelson has come to our rescue again! This time they will give us $10,000 toward a new van to call our own if we can raise $10,000 to match their donation.

We’ve grown to depend on Margo in so many ways to help our families. Can you help Mary’s Place get back on the road again? Click here to make a donation to the Replace Margo fund!

Thank you so much for your generosity and support!