We did it!

We are thrilled to announce that together, our community raised $2,174,740 to ensure that No Child Sleeps Outside! THANK YOU to the over 3,000 individuals and more than 50 local businesses and organizations that came together to help us BEAT our $1.5 million goal, and bring hundreds of families and children inside to warmth, safety, and hope!

The Starbucks Foundation announced a campaign launch gift of $250,000, as well as an additional grant of $250,000 to match customer donations raised online and via the Starbucks mobile app. Since joining the campaign two years ago, The Starbucks Foundation has contributed more than $2.5 million.

The Schultz Family Foundation, also a major sponsor of last year’s campaign, announced a $250,000 grant. This support will expand upon the success of work launched last spring with Schultz Family Foundation funding that focused on helping families exiting from Mary’s Place obtain safe and stable housing. In 2017, as a result of this funding, Mary’s Place’s helped 280 families obtain safe, stable places to live.

Last year’s successful No Child Sleeps Outside campaign allowed Mary’s Place to open three new family shelters in White Center, Shoreline, and Northshore that have provided services for over 500 families.

This year’s $2 million will provide for continued operation of these new shelters to bring an additional 800 family members inside to warmth, safety, and stability, and move more than 300 families into permanent housing.

We are so grateful to our community for coming beside us to help ensure that No Child Sleeps Outside in our community!