No Child Sleeps Outside in Seattle this Winter

Over 550 families sleep outside in Seattle every night. Join Mary’s Place and the Seahawks Women’s Association to help us make sure NO CHILD SLEEPS OUTSIDE this winter.

Please join our incredible sponsors Dick’s Drive-In, evo, Vulcan Inc., The Space Needle/Seattle Hospitality Group, Evolution Projects, and the Harrelson family to help Mary’s Place raise over $250,000 to open a crisis-response winter night shelter and bring Seattle families inside at night.

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign and asking our friends and supporters to help spread the word!

We need to make sure NO CHILD SLEEPS OUTSIDE in Seattle this winter. With your help, we can make our goal of moving families out of encampments, doorways and cars and into safe, emergency shelter.

  • For every $10,000 we raise, 25 families can get the down payments they need to move in to transitional or permanent housing, opening emergency shelter beds for 25 additional families currently sleeping outside.
  • $120,000 will provide over 10,000 nights of shelter for families currently sleeping outside.
  • $200,000  and we can fund Mary’s Place ongoing work to provide emergency shelter and services to the 160+ women and children who come to their door every day.
  • $250,000  will allow us to open a crisis-response winter night shelter to bring families sleeping in places not meant for habitation inside.

Mary’s Place empowers more than 150 homeless women, children, and families to reclaim their lives each day by providing shelter, nourishment, resources, healing and hope in a safe community.

But still there are families being turned away. We need to do more. We need YOUR HELP to bring these families – moms, dads, and children – inside to warmth and safety this winter.


The Story of the Tent

The other day a supporter, Lori, saw our request on Facebook for a family-sized tent to use at Julia’s Place. Lori brought her tent by and shared this story about how she came to have it to give.

My step-grandmother was a very dear lady who married into a huge family – she already had six children of her own and some grandchildren, and my grandfather had 10 children and 15 of us grand kids! She herself had managed to escape from a very abusive first husband, in a very, very tight patriarchal religious community. I don’t know how many years she managed to keep her family together before she came into our lives, but it was quite awhile. The strength it took for her to get away from that man and that life, and to keep her children safe, is something I am still humbled by today. She and my grandfather were married for over 20 years before he passed away; she died in 2001.

Though she was not a wealthy woman, she still managed to leave each of us a small gift after her passing. Our family loves to go camping. We have a great aunt who was in her 80’s and still wanted to camp with all of us. So, with my inheritance from my step-grandmother, I bought this tent to bring all the comforts of home to make it possible for an 80-year-old to camp with all of the “kids”. We made one trip each year for a few years and she had the best time. I have been holding on to the tent since, not wanting to just get rid of it or pass it along to anyone as it holds special meaning for me, being a purchase made possible by my strong, loving, selfless step-grandmother.

When I saw your post on Facebook – the decision was made for me. What a perfect way to honor her! That our tent, that has been filled with love, family and memories, will go to another woman with a beautiful family who needs a replacement tent. I wish her strength and many blessings!