Spreading Love with Kindness Cards!


Spread the Word

Mary's Place wants to show appreciation for all those who have given us love, kindness and compassion by spreading the love on Valentine's Day with Kindness Cards. For the month of February, the women and children of Mary’s Place will share acts of kindness in the Downtown community and hope others will do the same for someone in their neighborhood. The back of the card invites all to share their stories of random acts of kindness on the Mary’s Place facebook page!

The rules are simple – do something nice for someone, give them a Kindness Card. The card instructs the recipient to pay it forward with another random act of kindness. Acts of kindness are simple, small gestures that any of us can do.  The women of Mary’s Place put together a list including:        

  • Sharing a smile
  • Picking up litter
  • Sweeping the sidewalks
  • Sharing a bus transfer
  • Paying compliments to passerbys
  • Helping with directions: Mary’s Place Ambassador
  • Giving cards to local area businesses
  • Giving cards to our angels in blue – police and fire
  • Giving snacks to those waiting in line at the Greyhound Bus Station across the street
  • Giving sandwiches to homeless people at the nearby Urban Rest Stop
  • Cleaning windshields of cars parked nearby
  • Giving doggie treats to dog lovers
  • Giving smiley face stickers to neighbors
  • Helping seniors
  • Inviting a friend to come see Mary’s Place

“We feel so blessed to have the support of our community and sisters at Mary’s Place. The women decided that they wanted to give back to the local community and show how small gestures can really make a big difference,” said Marty Hartman, Executive Director of Mary’s Place. “The spirit behind our Kindness Cards is the belief that kindness breeds more kindness, encouraging people in all communities to pay it forward by doing something thoughtful and special for their neighbors.”

Come to Mary's Place to get your Kindness Cards, or email cards@marysplaceseattle.org!