Beauty is Everywhere, Beauty is Here!


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On a stormy night in October, the Mary's Place faithful and new friends joined us at the Day Center for the premiere of artist Fab Rideti's exhibit of photographs, Beauty is Everywhere. The show includes 30 photos of the homeless, and formerly homeless, women and children of Mary's Place in stunning black and white.

Under the eye of Fab's camera, the exhibit explores how every woman displays her most intrinsic beauty through the dignaty of her face, the unspoken stories of her hands, and the hope that remains in her eyes. While the women were at first nervous and shy, they soon became comfortable and started having fun with the camera! Fab captures the best expressions of the women of Mary's Place, while black and white reveals their essence in the light and the purity of their features.

Beauty is Everywhere represents a unique opportunity to become aware of the beauty of every single woman in an environment of serene reflection, and maturity. The exhibit reveals that in all circumstances there is beauty, if we look for it.

As Director Marty Hartman shared at the event, the loss of personal items, like family photographs, are the often the hardest part of being homeless. "Mary's Place is our family, and these are our family photos." 

The photos will be on permanent display at Mary's Place, we invite you to stop in and have a look! Limited edition signed prints are available by special order $45 (15"x20") or $90 (20" x 30"), there are also books at $35 and packets of notecards for $10 (suggested donation). Proceeds will go to Mary's Place - the first step on the journey out of homelessness. For more info on pricing and how to order email

Many volunteers and supporters made this show, and the gift of these photographs, possible. A big thank you to:

  • The women and their children for being such enthusiastic participants;
  • Fab Rideti for offering her professional eye and for accepting the invitation to develop this exhbit;
  • Maryse Camelan, member of the Mary's Place Communications/Marketing Committee, for conceiving of this project and curating the exhibit;
  • Bob Mullins, Moon Printing, for his generosity and commitment to bring high quality prints to the exhibit;
  • Mary's Place staff (Liz, Anna, Marty) for their valuable time and help coordinating the project;
  • Linda, Sandra, and Cecile for their special contributions making the day in the studio very special for the women;
  • Helene who helped with all the framing;
  • Ian McFail, for his help hanging this show;
  • To all of our supporters to bringing their energy and passion to empower the women and children of Mary's Place!

You can see photos of the event, and more photos from the show, at our facebook page.